Hawken - Genesis 01 (of 04) (2012)
English | CBR | 9 pages | 10.37 MB

Arriving March 2013 as a full-length original graphic novel from Archaia Entertainment, HAWKEN: GENESIS will establish and explore the exciting world of Illal, the planet on which the Hawken video game takes place. Developed alongside the game's Creative Director and lead conceptual designer, Khang Le (Project Offset, Flight) of Adhesive Games, HAWKEN: GENESIS will feature work from some of the top conceptual artists, comic illustrators, and painters in the industry, serving as both prequel and sourcebook to the epic warfare players will experience firsthand in the game. Readers of this OGN will be exposed to the vast mythology behind this visually stunning, post-apocalyptic world and the pivotal few individuals who determined its fate.
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Garfield 001 (2012)
English | CBR | 26 pages | HD | 27.18 MB

This May, everyone's favorite lasagna-scarfing cat opens the fridge to an all-new ongoing comic book series! Join Garfield as he begins his monthly exploits with Jon, Odie, and the rest of the gang in the latest all-ages must-read from KaBOOM! The Garfield Show writer and comics luminary Mark Evanier teams up with beloved Garfield strip cartoonist Gary Barker to bring you all the laughs (and lasagna) you can handle. With brand new stories featuring everyone's favorite feline, this debut #1 issue is sure to please Garfield fans, both new and old alike!
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Garfield 004 (2012)
English | CBR | 25 pages | HD | 31.56 MB

The good times continue to roll with Garfield and friends! Where, oh where, will Garfield send Nermal this time? Will Jon be able to get through a date without embarrassing himself? Well, let's not get too crazy here - what we CAN guarantee is that the entire gang will bring the funny in two ALL-NEW stories, written by Mark Evanier & drawn by Gary Barker!
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Hawken - Genesis 02 (of 04) (2012)
English | CBR | 13 pages | 15.42 MB

On the distant world of Illal, corporate rivalry turns to warfare as secret technologies are discovered, coveted, and stolen. Mega-planetary corporate empires, SENTIUM and PROSK, each seek to out-jockey each other in the race for technical superiority in the marketplace, but when the value of that superiority eclipses the cost of human life, no degree of diplomacy can bridge the gap. Now, with the discovery of a revolutionary new geological element, both sides fight tooth and nail for the materials that will keep them one step ahead of the other in an escalating arms race that will - unbeknownst to all - lead to the ruin of the planet?
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Jinx 02 (2012)
English | CBR | 26 pages | 11.32 MB
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Garfield 002 (2012)
English | CBR | 25 pages | HD | 22.17 MB

The Big Kitty's comic book extravaganza continues! Garfield, Odie, and the rest of the gang bring the fun and the funny in this all-new KaBOOM! series. What wacky schemes will Garfield come up with next? How will Jon embarrass himself with the ladies this time? There's only way to find out, so buy this comic!
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Jinx 01 (2012)
English | CBR | 24 pages | 11.95 MB

"Jinx" begins a brand new storyline as "Li'l Jinx Grows Up" and starts her first day of high school! Be reintroduced to Jinx, Charley, Greg, Gigi, and more now that they're not so Li'l!
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Jinx 03 (2012)
English | CBR | 26 pages | 11.99 MB
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Jinx 04 (2012)
English | CBR | 26 pages | 11.72 MB
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Artist: Joy
Title: Joy
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Psychedelic Blues Rock
Quality: MP3 320 Kbps
Total Time: 37:45
Total Size: 108 Mb
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Artist: VA
Title: A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Fantastic Voyage
Genre: Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 02:00:34 (2 CD)
Total Size: 287 Mb
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Artist: Olivier Boge
Title: Imaginary Traveler
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Fresh Sound Records
Genre: Jazz / Fusion
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3
Total Time: 57:49 min
Total Size: 387 MB / 132 MB
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Artist: The Runaways
Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 1976-2012
Label: Mercury, Rhino, Cherry Red, Raven
Genre: Hard rock, punk rock, heavy metal
Quality: mp3 / Flac
Total Time: 07:55:03
Total Size: 1,09 / 3,38 Gb
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Artist: Manuel Rocheman
Title: Cafe & Alegria
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Naive Records
Genre: Jazz / Latin
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3
Total Time: 51:07 min
Total Size: 341 MB / 138 MB
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Artist: Marty Stuart
Title: Icon
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: MCA Nashville
Genre: Country, Bluegrass, Southern Rock
Quality: MP3 320 Kbps
Total Time: 34:55
Total Size: 105 Mb
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